CAST 2017: November 29th – December 6th (morning)


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It is almost here!  The weather is slowly turning cold and before we know it our church will serve as an emergency winter shelter for Chesapeake’s homeless community. Please mark your calendars and prayerfully consider helping prepare and serve meals, standing safety watch, and most of all, loving on our most honored citizens while they shelter in our church.

All the Chesapeake Area Shelter Team (CAST) guests are children of God who have been orphaned by their families and friends, and this is an opportunity to share the love of Jesus with them.  James said true religion is about caring for the orphan and widow, and true religion is about restoring a relationship to God and with the family of God.  We are being called as a people to participate in the process with the Spirit of God.  We think of orphans as children who don’t have parents, but these are adults who have no home. Can you imagine not having a home?! Christ said he had no place to lay his head, so let’s welcome them as though each person was Christ himself, and let us see what He will teach us through them!