Our Leadership Team

  • Durant Kreider

    Durant Kreider has been our Lead Pastor since 2002.  He has been married to his Bible-college sweetheart, Boni, for 29 years!  Durant is also serving the Foursquare Atlantic District as an Associate Supervisor. His passion is helping people grow and achieve their full potential by helping them hear the voice of the Lord and then encouraging them to live by faith, doing as the the Lord instructs. He is often meeting with Jesus very early in the morning and loves spending time with Him in the sanctuary on his Monday Sabbath. When he isn't coordinating Serve the City events in Chesapeake or investing in his marriage to wife, Boni, and their 8 children, you will most likely find him in his garage tinkering on an old car or Jeep.  -EMAIL HERE-

  • Stephanie BC

    Stephanie is our Children's Director and Discipleship Director. She is a Navy veteran, military spouse and homeschooling mother of two. She holds a Bachelors in Business and is currently working on her graduates degree from Regent University in Christian Theology. When she has down time, she enjoys listening to Apologetics podcasts, or being curled up on her couch with a good book. She is passionate about discipling people in their walk with Christ and encouraging them to do the same with others. Want to connect with her? Email her HERE

  • Antonio Jackson

    Antonio Jackson is our Men's Discipleship Director. He and his wife Lyn lead Brothers/Brides of Christ on Wednesday nights. Antonio is a faithful husband, father, and man of God. He loves serving and spending time with his family.

  • Chris Alix

    Chris Alix is our Outreach Director. His goal is to see people fall in love with God. He most often meets with God in the morning or during a workout. Chris has been married to Amanda for over 16 years & they have two children.  When he isn’t playing with his kids, he can be found at the gym.  

  • "Buster" William Blanchard

    Buster is a licensed Foursquare Pastor and serves as the Prayer/Shield Team Coordinator.   Prayer is an essential part of our church body, and Coastlands has a dedicated team: Prayer, Care & Aware, comprised of those committed to supporting one another through prayer.  Buster enjoys his 5 children and 6 grandchildren and does his best, as a child of God, to pour as much of the Word into them as he can do.

  • James Bush

    James is our Worship Director and is a recent ODU grad. In his personal time, he enjoys spending time with his wife Katelyn, their dogs, and listening to the Jocko podcast. 

  • Jammie Castellanos

    Jammie is our Administrative Assistant "Extraordinaire". She holds an MBA from Regent University and is also an LPU Alum. She hails from sunny California and when she isn't working she loves to be with people and go on adventures. She is an extraverted introvert! 

  • Jonathan & Aneka Mariscal

    Jonathon and Aneka are our Youth Director's and are passionate about the kids they serve and God's calling on their life. They've been married two years and have one beautiful daughter. In their spare time, they love to do board games together, watch movies, and eat food! Jonathon also works on his personal clothing brand and Aneka loves to bake. 

  • Bruce Lee

    Pastor Bruce is our Assisting Minister and brings years of wisdom and experience to Coastlands. Bruce and his wife Dana have been with Coastlands for over two decades and have served in multiple capacities. They enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and going for motorcycle rides on beautiful days.