August 2017: EHS by Cassi Wright

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

As I reflect on my own time in Emotionally Healthy Spirituality I can barely decide which part to share!  There are so many areas in my life that EHS caused me to make positive changes.

I am particularly interested in all things psychology, so the “Going Bank in Order to Go Forward” was intriguing to me.  I find it very helpful to understand some of the “why” to our thought processes and actions.  In the book, the author says, “the present is a window into the past” and man that is true!  Many times we miss it, we don’t make the connection that our past is still driving our future.  The past does not have to be in charge of our future though, we can make the needed changes toward growth.

“Repent” means to change the way you act and think.  All throughout the Bible the word “repent” is used, but hearing it said as: “Change the way you act and think” really opens up the meaning to me.  We have to change our minds, but from what exactly, and to what?  “Going Back in Order to Go Forward” is crucial to our changing to become more Christ-like.  As I recognized patterns of thinking and actions that were passed down from, or created in my family-of-origin, I was then able to search out what the Word of God says about it.  Next, I was able to truly begin a repentant walk with God.  We are all sinful people who have things that we need to rid from our lives, but if we don’t actually know what they are, it will be very hard to walk in our new family of God.

 We need Biblical beliefs driving our actions.  This is hard work, but it is the important work.

I hope you’ll join us for the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality (EHS) Course this fall and grow a little more into the changed person He has called you to be!  Let’s do this together!

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