December 2017: Advent

Prepare to encounter Advent like never before!  Let God’s Word come alive through this year’s immersion experience.

From the moment you arrive to Coastlands this December, I pray you will remember that this season is different.  Every day we can abide in the presence of the Lord, anticipating how He wants to show up in our lives, what He wants to speak to us…but there’s something special about this time of year that causes our hearts to yearn for Him like no other.  It’s as if thinking about children’s excitement on Christmas morning causes us to look for the gifts in our own lives.  And if we’re open to Him, God has plenty to reveal!

Doesn’t His love feel a little more real around Christmas?  We take the time to recall that Jesus’ decision at the cross began long before He gathered His disciples and worked His first miracles.  And this Advent, we want to remember that the magnificent story God wrote for His people began even earlier than the manger.  And that plan and promise is as extraordinary for us, as it was in the days of Abraham.

Our Bible Reading plan, sermons and even our immersion experience will all reflect God’s Word as organized in Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp, if you’d like to purchase your own copy to follow along.

No matter the cost, no matter how impossible, God’s plan was beautiful from the start and it has always spoken of His love for you.  Let’s prepare to hear from God in a new, transformative way.   Let’s prepare for the miraculous!