Ministries: NextGen Youth Ministry


Converge Student Ministries

It is a convergence that brings people from many directions together and heading down the same path. Our church vision statement is “Every person moving forward in Christ” and Converge represents that well within the youth group.

We meet every Sunday from 6:00pm – 8:00pm in the Fellowship Hall 

Our goal is to help each student grow in their walk with Christ and to access the gifts that God has given them.

We also emphasize the importance of community.

In our youth group we want the students to understand that our community is a place where:

  • You know others, and you are known.
  • You accept others, and you are accepted.
  • You pray for others, and you receive prayer.
  • You celebrate others, and you are celebrated.
  • You encourage others and you are encouraged.

Our prayer is that every student will:

  • Have their own personal relationship with Jesus
  • Be filled with and operating in the power of the Holy Spirit
  • Hear and obey the voice the Lord for themselves
  • Learn to be bold in their beliefs
  • Begin creating disciples
  • Know that doing life with Jesus and other Christ followers is fun!

We want them each to learn to be self-aware

  • Emotionally Healthy
  • Spiritually Healthy
  • Relationally Healthy
  • Physically Healthy

While also learning to be others-aware

  • By serving
  • Seeing the needs & hurts around them

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