Summer is gone and the Fall crisp mornings have arrived. What does this mean?

Well, fun days at the beach, summer fun and outdoor gatherings with friends and family are few and far between.  As we are preparing for winter hibernation, the days grow shorter and darkness comes quickly. In summertime I  would come home from work with ample time to cut the grass and stay outside to talk to my neighbors while enjoying the rest of the evening, but now it’s dark outside when I come home from work! Will my neighbors have to wait until Spring to see me again? I hope not!

With Fall arriving and Winter cold, what a great opportunity to gather around a camp fire (Small)and cook hotdogs or have s’mores and discuss how to solve the worlds issues. I am sure your neighbor would have a great time getting to know you and your family. If you noticed I did not say preach to them, or try to get them saved in one night. Let them get to know you, and the Jesus in you will do the rest.

Let’s make an impact in our neighborhoods this Winter. I look forward hearing your stories and testimonies.

Love you guys, Pastor Bruce & Dana Lee