OCTOBER 2017: Remember What God Did-Cassi


A few months ago we read Exodus 16 in our Bible reading plan.  Near the end of the chapter, three little verses say that God instructed Moses and Aaron to keep some of the manna for their descendants.  It says, this way, they will SEE” the food that God gave them in the desert. This daily manna was the miracle that God had been doing for them EVERY SINGLE DAY during this season of their lives.  It represents the provision that God provided when they obeyed God.  They didn’t know how they would eat when they took off into the desert, but this manna was a visible, tangible, reminder of what God had done for them!  God told them to keep some, so their children(yep, that’s how descendants start, as children) Aaron put the jar of manna in front of the words of God’s promise to them.  In our culture we move so fast that we often fail miserably at remembering.  We have forgotten the example all throughout God’s Word to stop, remember, and Don’t Forget!  How are you passing on the miracles that God has done in your life?  How are you remembering them, sharing them, honoring them?

I would like to suggest this idea: Keeping a family Journal!  What a treasure this would be in 30 years to be able to see in one book all the times that God showed up in your families’ journey! Check out this resource: HOMEFRONT magazine and be encouraged to take the time to stop and record what God’s been doing, later on you’ll be glad you did!