This is your opportunity to be Jesus’ hands and His feet! 

Two, 30 minute Volunteer meetings will be held immediately after  Sunday services on November 19th and 26th, in order to communicate vital information and finalized details.

The general routine for each night is as follows:

6:00 – 6:30 pm: All evening volunteers arrive for prayer, nightly brief, and set up

6:30pm: Bus intake team departs to pick up guests

7:15 – 7:30pm: Guests arrive and get registered, issued needed items, and assigned sleeping area

7:45pm: Guests and volunteers gather in foyer for orientation talk and prayer for evening meal

7:45pm-9:45pm: Meal is served and evening activities are enjoyed

10pm: Lights out, time for bed.

10pm-6am: Overnight safety watch (shifts available)

5:45am: Lights on, guests get up and eat breakfast

6:30am: Bus departs with rider and guests

6:30am-7:30am: Clean up team

Volunteers are needed to serve in a variety of key positions and areas. They are:

BUS INTAKE TEAM: Every evening our CAST school bus leaves are parking lot at 6:30pm to pick up our guests at the South Norfolk Police station parking lot.  Every night a team of 2-3 ride the bus and make sure our guests are warmly greeted and verified as safe for shelter (we only turn away those whose behavior would plainly be disorderly for the group. Historically, this happens very seldom). [2-3 Vol’s per night]

EVENING and MORNING MEAL TEAMS: Coastlands will be responsible for preparing and serving at least 2-3 dinners (we get help from other churches on the other nights) and hot breakfasts for all 7 mornings.  Good food served with a smile goes a long way in making our guests feel loved well.  [5 Vol’s needed per night, 2 Vol’s needed per morning, plus those assigned to cook meals at home]

MORNING CLEAN UP CREW: After guests depart at 6:30am, a small team is needed to clean up the church, and set up for next night.  [3 Vol’s needed per morning].

REGRISTRATION TEAM: This important team ensures all guests are warmly and efficiently registered after they arrive on the bus each evening and come into the shelter.  After being checked off the list, each guest is then escorted to their proper sleeping areas, given a towel, sleeping mat, blanket and other essentials.  In addition, this team monitors the front desk, regulates smoke breaks, and enforces the rules with the help of the CAST Coordinator.  The team leader should be good with administration. [5 Vol’s needed per night, plus team leader]

BAG LUNCH TEAM: Every morning we send our guests (avg 30-40 people) on their way with a bag lunch in their hands. Our lunch team will ensure that the contents of bag lunches are made at least by the night before. [2 Vol’s needed per night]

OVERNIGHT SAFETY MONITOR TEAM: These 3-person teams stay awake and alert to needs of the guests and/or emergencies during the watch hours of 10pm-2am, and 2am-6am. It is low key in one way, but very fruitful discussions and ministry are had by these teams. They are the hardest to fill, so please consider doing at least one of these!  The goal is to have at least 2 adult men and 1 adult woman on each watch. [3 Vol’s needed per watch]

ACTIVITIES TEAM: This team provides the nightly entertainment and ministry for our guests. We aim to build a loving, peaceful and fun atmosphere for our guests to relax and grow in. In past years, we’ve hosted game nights, done spa and makeovers for the women, Christian movie nights, and offered nightly bible study opportunities. Our worship nights in the Sanctuary have proven to be powerful times of recommitment, salvation, and deliverance through Christ. [3-5 Vol’s needed per night, depending on activity]

PRAYER SHIELD TEAM: Each year we’ve been tremendously blessed to have prayer team members present and actively praying for the premises and our guests each evening. Please see Debby and Buster to sign up. [2 Vol’s needed per night]