Ministries: Prayer Shield Team

Diverse Young Adults

The Prayer Shield Team is a very strong community of believers that comes together regularly on behalf of the church, the nation, and the world. They are people who have been called, are being equipped, and are serving in several ways:

Weekly Prayer Guides

Monthly Trainings

Annual/Quarterly Regional Events

Online Prayer Services

Special Invitation

Has God been speaking to you about praying for Coastlands, has He been speaking to you about joining the prayer team? There is a place for you on the team, several opportunities remain open and needed to complete our prayer circle. This would mean praying for about 20 to 30 minutes a day for approximately three or four ministries and three or four family units once each day of the week you select. Please seek the Lord about your part in this ministry. If you believe God is calling you to pray for Coastlands for one week or more out of the month regularly, please email

Under the leadership of Pastor Buster and Debby Blanchard, The Prayer Shield Team is committed to covering Pastor Durant and his family, the Staff, Elders, and each individual member of the church in prayer. Each month they collect prayer requests from the congregation so that their team can faithfully bring those things before the Lord. They also receive email requests throughout the week.

Contact the Prayer Shield Team Pastor Buster and Debbie Blanchard and/or Submit a Prayer Request: